The tax number of Belvárosi Tanoda Foundation is: 19023009-1-41.
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If you were not good in high school, you did not like the atmosphere, you felt lonely, everything was boring or everything was more exciting than learning. Or if you were involved in problematic cases but you would still like to try again, apply to Belvárosi Tanoda Secondary School!

In this school you:

  • get free education;
  • find friendly atmosphere without stress;
  • can learn in groups of 5-10 students;
  • write your own timetable according to your daily schedule and other needs;
  • can show your knowledge at exams;
  • can decide regarding the speed of your studies, the period in which you finish your secondary school studies only depends on You;
  • can choose a teacher pair with whom you can share your problems, pleasure. He or she helps you to know your way in the school and in life, being always on your side;
  • see that the teachers are curious about you: your thoughts, your problems, your aims, your knowledge and your opinion;
  • find that the teachers work together with you for the common aims;
  • can even reform the atmosphere, rules and everyday life of the school.

If you want a school like this, and you are more than 16 but less than 25, you have already tried one or more secondary schools, call us. Our phone number is 266-3378.

A Belvárosi Tanoda Foundation Secondary and Technical School is a secondary and technical secondary school without tuition performing state roles. It considers as its main professional task the personality-centered care and teaching of 16-25 years old lost, deviant young people who dropped out of secondary schools in order to reach their final exams. This task has been successfully performed since 1990.

In the school year of 2003/2004, there were 124 students at Belvárosi Tanoda Foundation High School. 73 students took successful final exams from one or more subjects, 16 students finished their secondary school studies and made final exams for all necessary subjects.

Helping School

Tanoda is a helping school according to its basic philosophy: its task is to give an aid for lost students asking for help, who dropped out from secondary schools, fight with serious problems with regard to solving life problems, finishing high school and taking the final exams. We interpret this assistance as a uniform, interconnected process, which consists of all activities we do together with the students. We provide space and possibility for those young people who find us with an aim to learn. They have the ability to learn, but somehow this ability is blocked since they could not get along in any other school. Our main principle is that it is not the student intending to learn who should fit in the school, but it is us who try to fit the institutional framework to his or her needs within lawful possibilities.